A Design Coordinator is a licensed professional who shall ensure that all designs comply to the requirements according to the standard and contract.  



  1. Graduate of Electrical/Civil Engineering
  2. At least 5 years of relevant working experience as Document Control/Design Reviewer/Site Engineer to have understanding of design review process and technical terminologies and standards
  3. Excellent English speaking and writing skills
  4. Experience in (solar) construction field is a plus



  1. Coordinating with the client to understand design requirements and translating them into actionable tasks for designers/contractor
  2. Ensuring that all designs meet Owner’s Requirements in the contract
  3. Managing the entire design process from start to finish from the Owner’s side, including evaluating performance of designer/contractor and Reviewer/Offshore OE, managing timelines, and managing closure of design comments from start to finish
  4. Managing the documents’ comments sheets, ensuring easy traceability of approval dates and pending issues on designs, reporting on a regular basis tally of open and close items in the design review process.
  5. Participating in brainstorming sessions with designers to develop solutions or design improvements
  6. Supervising designers to ensure that their work meets Owners’ and Reviewer/Offshore OE specifications
  7. Reviewing revised designs from the designer/contractor for basic checking of compliance to Reviewer/Offshore’s comments before endorsing for further review to achieve max of 2 review cycles for all design and documents (plus 1 final IFC approval cycle)
  8. Pre-clears documents submitted by the designers if already qualified to be reviewed by the Reviewer/Offshore OE
  9. Managing relationships with Owner, designer/contractor and Reviewer/Offshore OE to ensure that designs are completed on time (i.e. within 6 months)
  10. Facilitate design review alignment meetings
  11. Do site inspections to ensure design is applicable/doable for the specific location
  12. Do constant following up on outstanding designs, documents and comments from designer/contractor and Reviewer/Offshore OE sides.

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