Our seasoned management team boasts a wealth of collective experience:

At SIDCORE, we leverage our deep-rooted expertise and extensive experience to drive sustainable energy solutions in the dynamic landscape of the Philippine market. 

Development Experience

Spearheading the development of 2,900MW of energy projects, we navigate complex regulatory frameworks and market dynamics with precision.

Contracting Experience

With 880MW of contracting expertise, we ensure seamless execution and adherence to contractual obligations.

Construction Experience

Having successfully delivered 970MW of energy projects, we excel in the efficient and timely construction of renewable and conventional energy infrastructure.

SIDCORE Consulting Inc. is the brainchild of seasoned professionals deeply entrenched in the Philippine energy sector. Our company serves as a catalyst for the advancement of energy projects in the development phase. We pride ourselves on being a conduit for the collective skills, knowledge, and experiences of our talented individuals, delivering comprehensive and value-added service packages tailored to support the entire project development lifecycle.

Despite being a relatively young entity, SIDCORE Consulting has swiftly carved a niche for itself, earning a reputation for excellence and reliability. Our track record speaks volumes, as we consistently deliver projects that exceed expectations. By harnessing the wisdom of our senior consultants and the dynamism of our management and operations team, we consistently deliver results that drive tangible value for our clients.

"Our track record speaks volumes, as we consistently deliver projects that exceed expectations."


Inside Story Of Our Company

Constructed Projects: SIDCORE has successfully delivered 700MW of solar projects, showcasing our proficiency in delivering sustainable energy solutions.

Ongoing Developments: Currently, we are at the helm of developing an impressive portfolio comprising 1.8GW of projects spanning wind, solar, and conventional energy sectors. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability remains unwavering as we continue to shape the future of energy in the Philippines.


At SIDCORE, we are not just a consultancy; we are partners in progress, dedicated to pioneering impactful solutions that empower communities, drive economic growth, and safeguard the environment.